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Housing Development Corporation

To develop, build, erect and complete houses for sale or sublease.
To develop or provide sites, with adequate infrastructure, services and facilities, for the building of houses or housing accomodation.
To build or erect, for sale, sublease or exchange, shophouses in any housing estates, to cater for the needs and convenience of residents in its housing estates.
To execute, carry out or implement, such plans or schemes for the development of housing estates, prepared or drawn up by the Government.
To improve, renovate, repair or upgrade any houses or flats previously built or constructed by HDC.
To draw up and implement schemes to provide loans or other forms of financial assistance, to purchasers of houses or properly built, develop or owned by HDC.
To grant loan or financial assistance for the building, repair, renovation, improvement of house.
To manage, preserve, repair, renovate or administer any building or property wholly or partly belonging to HDC.
To prepare, draw up, or determine standard, quality, criteria of design, workmanship or engineering works for various categories of buildings or houses to be built, erected, completed or acquired by HDC.