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PPR-Program Perumahan RakyatPPR-Program Perumahan Rakyat

Federal Government Program undertaken by National Housing Department

Flats are handed over to the State Government through HDC upon completion for distribution and management of the flats

Objective :as Transit Housing to achieve Zero Squatters

Rental : RM 150 monthly

Flat size : 700sq ft., 3 bedrooms

Completed projects are:

a) PPR Demak laut, Kuching 

b) PPR Sri Wangi, Kuching 

c) PPR Taman Dahlia, Matang batu 5, Kuching
d) PPR Batu Gong 

e) PPR Seduan, Sibu

f) PPR Bintulu

Pre Requisite :

  • Only for Sarawakians

  • Does not own any house or land in that area

  • Only for applicants with families (married)

  • Monthly household income of RM 650 - RM 3,000

  • Priority for squatters

  • No age limit - transit housing

* For further information please contact HDC Marketing section at 082 - 443681

PPR Sri Wangi
PPR Sri Wangi
PPR Taman Dahlia
PPR Taman Dahlia